Delicious High Protein, High Fibre And Lower Carb Wraps Keeping You Fit And Healthy

Imagine your favourite cold wrap, hot wrap, burrito, yes, any type of wrap, with all the same great taste and flavour, but much healthier!

The wraps have more protein than a chicken breast/100g, only 5g of carbs, 6.0g of fibre and only 111 calories/wrap!

Delicious High Protein, High Fibre And Lower Carb Wraps Keeping You Fit And Healthy

Imagine your favourite cold wrap, hot wrap, burrito, yes, any type of wrap, with all the same great taste and flavour, but much healthier!

The wraps have more protein than a chicken breast/100g, only 4.8g of carbs, 6.0g of fibre and only 111 calories!

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Carbs

Do You Also Struggle With

That age-old dilemma! Finding food that is both healthy AND great tasting? Does it even exist?

Well imagine tasty, high protein, high fibre and lower carb meals that are sustainable for the environment, that keep you fuller for longer AND help you support your fitness goals.

You No Longer Need To Struggle To Find Food To Keep You Healthy And Fit

  • Hot wraps
  • Cold wraps
  • Burritos
  • Quesadillas
  • Any other wrap dish

Helping You Stay Healthy And Fit

As busy professionals we know you want to be ‘up and at ‘em’ and raring to go! We understand the struggle to find food that supports your fitness goals, and gut health while also keeping you lean.

Higher Horizons wraps are high in protein, high in fibre and lower in carbs. This helps you to stay healthy and reach your fitness goals, without drastic changes to what you eat.

Lean muscle

High protein can increase and maintain lean muscle mass. Research shows that 1.5-2.0g of protein per day is optimal for maintaining lean mass. On average people eat 40% less than that

Gut health

High fibre is important for gut health. The government recommendation is to eat 25-38g of fibre. On average people get 40% less than that

Decrease fat storage

Eating fewer carbs leads to fewer insulin spikes which can lead to less fat storage. It can also decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes a disease effecting 4m people in UK

All Your Wraps Will Be Much Healthier With Higher Horizons Wraps!

Most wraps have over 30g of carbs and less than 5g of protein, while also only having 1.5g of fibre and clocking in at 191 calories – far from the macros that will make fit!

Higher Horizons’ Protein Wraps have 14g of protein and less than 5g of carbs and only 93 calories! While also stacking up 6g of fibre supporting your gut!

That’s 183% more protein, 85% less carbs, 51% less calories and 300% more fibre! That really moves the dial for your fitness goals!

By just switching the wrap you use and you get a much healthier wrap!

You can also exchange flatbread, regular bread, rotis… basically any bread based product, for Higher Horizons’ Wraps!

How to get your make your wraps healthier

Imagine being able to make a super healthy meal at home or in your office in 5 minutes!


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Enjoy your super healthy wraps

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Higher Horizons Protein Wraps Are Very Versatile

At Higher Horizons, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be fit and healthy. We all do, don’t we?!

But in order to be that way, you need healthy food that also tastes great. It’s simple really!

The problem is that great tasting food is more often than not, not very healthy at all! And on top of that, most healthy food does not taste that great.

Maintaining a healthy diet on food that tastes awful is just not possible. Life is for living, and we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of the things we love!

If you feel like it’s hard to maintain healthy food habits and lifestyle, then don’t despair.
We strongly believe it should be easy to find great tasting healthy food!

As busy people ourselves we know first-hand how hard it is to stay fit and healthy while finding the food to support our goals.
That is why we have developed Higher Horizons high protein, high fibre and lower carb wraps.

Our Wraps

Here you find all the information you need about our wraps. Any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Nutritional informationPer 100gPer 50g wrapPer standard 50g wrapDifference
Energy kcal222111191-42%
Fat g4.02.04.2-52%
Saturates g0.70.40.7-48%
Carbohydrates g9.64.832.6-85%
Sugars g1.10.61.4-61%
Fibre g12.06.01.5+300%
Protein g27.713.94.9+183%
Salt g0.80.40.4 0%
Ingredients (allergens in bold)
Pea Protein
Wheat protein Wheat Gluten
Bamboo Fibre
Wholemeal flour Wheat Gluten
Rapeseed oil
Thickening agent (Xanthan Gum, Psyllium Husk)
Sunflower lecithin powder
Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids)
Preservatives (calcium propionate, Sorbic acid)
Acids: Ctric, Malic & Tartic
Natural flavouring

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes just go to this link and you can get yours today

The main protein source is completely natural plant-based pea protein. A lot of products with pea protein taste really bad. Luckily this is not the case with ours. Based on a lot of feedback from people trying out our product you can’t even taste the pea protein!

You can buy them at this link. We are also working on becoming available in as many places as possible. Want to know when we are available close to you? Just email us and letting us know roughly where you live at and we will get back to you with great alternatives when they are available

Just email us at and we will contact them. You can also tell them about us and how great you think it would be if they had our super healthy wraps and have them contact us. 

Our wraps are fully plant-based. However, you can put whatever you like in them. We have used some examples where there is chicken or meat in to show what impact the switch to our healthy wraps have on them. So rest assured, as long as you don’t put anything not plant-based in them they will be fully plant-based!