About Us

About Us

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Carbs

Our mission

Support your health and fitness goals to keep you active and mobile by giving you truly great-tasting food with more protein, more fibre, and lower carbs.

Our vision

Is to make the world population healthier, more active and fitter as well as eradicate type 2 diabetes and obesity, in a way that is sustainable for the planet

Don’t Be A Follower, Be A Leader!

This is at the heart of what we believe and do. Instead of doing what everyone else does, we do it differently and we think you should too. We believe you can change the world by giving people healthier food that still tastes great.

We also believe that getting people to completely change everything they eat to be healthy is the wrong approach. People eat what they eat because they like the taste of it. Why take away such a positive aspect of the food we eat? It doesn’t need fixing. We want to fix the part that is broken, and that’s simply the nutritional value of most food!

The Problem

If you are anything like us, you have on more than one occasion gone out for lunch and picked up a salad to be healthy. Pretty much every time this has happened, we have ended up hungry and needed a snack after, going for a chocolate bar just to undo all that good intention. Healthy eating is simply not that easy. Most healthy foods just don’t taste that great nor do they fill you up properly, making that unhealthy chocolate bar all the more tempting!

It is easy to go for some of the standard options, a pasta, a sandwich with a meal deal or something similar. However, when you look into it, how healthy are those meals really? Most of the time they do not contain enough protein and fibre and they also have far too many carbs.

The statistics are clear, the UK population has a love for these dishes, and because of this, 60% of the UK population is overweight and 4 million people have type 2 diabetes. It is simply not a sustainable way to eat if you want to stay fit and healthy!

Another challenge is having time to find healthy food. We know have fast a lunch break can fly by! (while the rest of the working day drags! Why is that…??!) And we know you don’t want to waste your precious time searching for the really healthy alternatives!

There may be some few options that do contain enough protein and have fewer carbs. However, almost all those have a lot of meat and/or other animal products in them. They might taste ok, but the environmental impact is unfortunately very high.

‘So what can I do?’ we hear you cry! We know all this can easily make you feel a bit deflated about the options out there! But don’t worry, we have the solution…

Our Purpose

So the solution for us is obvious! It has become clear that the best way to support your mission in healthy eating and being fit isn’t trying to get you to eat things that don’t taste good or fill you up. What’s the point in that?

Therefore, we are on a mission, not to change what you eat, but the content of what you already love and have easy access to. We are on a mission to make sure the food you love has more protein and fibre while having less carbs as well as being easily accessible! It is simple really!

We are convinced that by doing this we can reach our vision to eradicate type 2 diabetes, obesity and make the population healthier, more active and fitter, in an environmentally sustainable way.

Imagine, plant-based products that are high in protein and fibre and lower in carbs to ensure you and the rest of the population can stay healthy while also having a sustainable solution for the planet!

We want a better world where the sun also rises tomorrow. This is where our brand name Higher Horizons comes from. For better nutrition for you today and a more sustainable planet for generations to come.

So, come and join us in the sustainable health revolution that will not only save your health but also the planet!


Growing up, our founder did a fair amount of different team sports. Even though he played a lot of sports, he was never super fit. Sometimes he felt a bit like he could gain weight just by watching a mate eat a pizza!

Unfortunately, like many others, once starting university, when regular, serious sport came to an end, there were a few years without exercise at all.

For the first few years, the lack of exercise hadn’t yet had an impact. However, after working on cruise ships for a while and having the best (yes, it was way better than the stories you might have heard! 😉 ) but also the most unhealthy time of his life, he looked himself in the mirror and was very unhappy with what he saw. He was 24 and getting pretty overweight already…

The Change

The prospect of continuing like this was just not something that looked appealing. So, he started to exercise regularly again. After initially getting pretty good results from exercise alone, like many others, improvements became harder and harder. So naturally, he started to look into what impact nutrition had on results.

Reading books and blogs, listen to podcasts more and more really sparked an interest in nutrition and the importance of what we consume has in achieving our fitness goals. He began testing things such as supplements and seeing what worked (creatine) and what didn’t (too many to mention). The curiosity lead to more research and books read etc.

Armed with a whole host of knowledge and understanding of what the research says combined with his own test results, he started to compare what’s good for you and what was actually sold on the market. It was quickly clear that most of what’s out there doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, a lot of the food on the market doesn’t have enough protein or fibre and is also much too high in carbs.

The products that do fit into that bracket tend to be expensive, not tasty, nor filling, so you would go ahead and snack anyway, undoing all your good intentions.

So he thought there must be a better way to do this where you can enjoy tasty food and still eat healthily.

The Challenge

He looked at some of his favourites like a burrito and realised that it often has more than 100g of carbs! He thought, this just isn’t a sustainable way to eat, if I eat that several times a week, I’ll look like Jabba the Hutt! (fat blob in Star Wars if you have missed that character). However, he didn’t want to remove this from his diet completely. There’s obviously the boxes, but they don’t give the same satisfying and filling experience as the burrito. There must be a better solution to this??

The Solution

As a trained engineer he applied the thinking from university and broke it down. What is it that gives the burrito so many carbs? Looking at the nutritional information from some of the burrito chains it was clear that the tortilla was the biggest contributor. So can we make the tortilla with less carbs and more protein and fibre? Hmm there must be a way to do this! So after a fair amount of research, he realised that with replacing normal flower with wheat protein you can reach a great tasting high protein, high fibre, and low carb wrap. And that is how Higher Horizons was born!

After this realising that a wrap is used in so many more things than burritos it can now be used in basically anything where you have a wrap or a flatbread to make a much healthier meal with more protein and fibre but also with less carbs and keeping you full! And even better, the wraps are fully plant-based so it’s also great for the environment!